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Our Attorney Based Credit repair boasts the highest deletion rate in the credit repair industry. That doesn’t mean that we always get an account corrected or removed. Once a disputed account is verified or validated we will work to either 1) Negotiate the account if there is a balance. 2) Pay to Delete a collection with a balance, 3) take the account out of dispute. We have proven the process of getting client scores ready has been proven over and over again and I am confident that you will be thrilled with the results!


Everything that we do is tied into our “Certified Credit Repair Process”.


  Audit: Review the Credit report and address all issues.

  Dispute:  Inaccurate and unverifiable items and disputed with the credit bureaus.


  Validate:  Remaining accounts are sent demand letters from the Attorneys.


  Action:  Leverage of the Law Firm to take the best action for the client that will provide

                 the most benefit in repairing Your credit.


  Graduate:  Once we have improved Your Scores we will graduate them and send them back to

                       You to get financing.